Number of guests 8
Bedrooms 3 3 Queen-size beds 2 Sofacouch Sofa couches
Bathrooms 1 1 Toilet/Shower Towels, shampoo and soap
Kitchen Fully equiped
Extra Tv Washing machine


Entire house with private parking above the center. Mouria offers a space for a big family or groups. It is in a quiet neighborhood and as it is situated higher up, you can enjoy a beautiful view. It is also easier to access the Red Rock sectors on foot from there. With spacious rooms and an outside terrace, you can enjoy a good rest in comfort.


80€/night -10% for a week -30% for a month Prices may vary according to the season.


Contact us by phone +30 69 83 62 31 48 or email Or send us a message on the contact page.